Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Transform Your World in 6 Easy Steps

The 6 Steps to Changing Reality:

For starters...anyone can do this.  It's the beauty of life actually.  In fact, it's what makes us powerful beyond measure.  The ability to change reality starts with a realization that you can in fact change things.  In AA meetings, the serenity prayer is... 'god, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.'  

Well, you don't have to be in AA to understand what this means.  In all of our lives, we have the ability, opportunity and the right to make this change in whatever form or fashion it appears to be.  

You CAN have and BE whoever and whatever you choose.  It's as simple as believing.  

So why don't we believe?

Because we are afraid.  Believing is simple.  Facing fear is not. 

Have we lost hope in every finding true love?  Have we lost hope in ever finding the perfect job or car or house or garden...etc, etc.  No. We have lost our ability to dream.  

The steps to changing reality are crucial to our existence.  Why?

Because we are here to change reality and experience new perspectives and if we don't we are as good as dead.  This can only happen if we are willing to dream.  

Dreaming requires faith.  

Dreaming requires courage. 

Dreaming requires BALLS.  

Anyone can dream.  We do it every night while we sleep, some can remember and some cannot.  Those who can and wish to understand them, tend to live more full and meaningful lives in their waking days.  Those who brush it off, tend to skip out on the mystery and wonder of the world.  

If you learn how to change, you will have the POWER to become the dream.  It only takes a simple belief in the dream and with my steps, you will see them unfold right before your eyes.  

Are you ready for a new life?  A new perspective??  It can be oh...a little SCARY.  

With a new perspective, your whole life will change.  The YOU that you think you are will die.  

Everything you associated yourself with will be transformed.  Everything. 

This is why most people who are afraid resist change....because a part of them that is holding onto the story of who they think they are...will die.  

If we don't change we will end up dying anyway because what you fear brings you to that which you fear.  If you are afraid of life and you sit inside your house all day, your life is essentially taken from you.  There is no 'life' in hiding in the dark.  

Ok, the 6 steps: 

1.  Admit We Are Powerless Over Our Life. 

Have you ever wondered why life just happens to drop bombs on you when you least expect it?  Well, these bombs haven't been dropping at once, they've been dropping slowly over time and it's just now that you are recognizing that A) your boss has been trying to have a chat with you for weeks and you've been ignoring it when in reality, a good chat could have saved your job and now you are fired.  You are powerless over the result and that is, when it hit the fan, you didn't know what to do.  You were dumbfounded.  It's ok really, insert the scenerio with any of your current life patterns that pertain to your life currently and you will find that there's no way that you orchestrated all of this.  There's a grander force at play that is two steps beyond and in all directions working in your highest and best good.  Even if you don't believe it.  

2.  Accept Your Role in Making Your Life What It Is

We are powerless, and yet still 100% responsible for our lives.  Sounds like a conundrum but it's not.  What we have control over is how we perceive all events that occur around us whether in the present or in various times and spaces.  When we experience life, we make a choice in that moment as to how it relates to our being.  When we don't take responsibility for our lives and how we choose to think about it, we ultimately give up our power.  In choosing to accept responsibility, we take our power back and leave the rest to God, the Universe or the powers you believe in. 

3.  Take Inventory of The Things You Have Going Well and Not So Well

This is not easy.  It's the root of why you are where you are.  Look down at the floor where you are standing or sitting.  See your feet?  You are exactly where you're supposed to be, right now.  So look around at the room you are in.  What do you see?  Take inventory of the things you are grateful for and what you wish you could change.  Pay attention to what's not going well and make a change.  This attention goes along way when you apply your loving care to a situation that ultimately leads to further growth and expansion in your world.  Afterall, we are the ones who choose what to keep and throw away in our life.  

4.  Meditate

When we meditate, we naturally enter the subconscious mind.  The brain does not know the difference between what is imagined and what is real because the images created by the frontal lobe is transferred to the occipital lobe and memory banks within the brain.  The brain interprets imagined and real images as the same: of reality.  So if you imagine yourself feeling great and living in the house of your dreams, this sends signals to the body as if you were there, happy and feeling full of joy.  As you continue believing this subconsicously, the energy charge within your body will match and resonate with the charges that are in alignment with that feeling you created.  Watch the magic unfold as you connect with your dreams in reality!

5.  Act as if It's Already Real

As the above paragraph states, and studies have shown, that our belief systems determine reality.  If you wish to become a CEO, then act like one.  If that's your dream, chances are that living in poverty and not taking care of yourself, your home or your mental health will not fulfill the role and other's probably wont believe you.  If you build it, they will come...and this doesn't necessarily mean a baseball field. 

6.  Know that You Are God

This sounds cliche, I know.  Our gurus and healers today reiterate this statement in all spiritual, inspirational and metaphysical books at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon books and blogs, etc.  It's overworked and replayed.  

                     We still need to reinforce this concept

People believe it but they forget to work it.  We are constantly bombarded by the intensity of our personal story and the suffering of the world.  This is not because God is seen as a being that condemns and sets rules or laws upon us and that has become the model for our savior or role model, but because there's a soft, loving, kind and understanding nature that resonates with every living thing in the universe.  It's the heart beat and the flow from yin to yang.  It's the very essence that created even the part of you that witnesses you right now and always.  Ascension and ability to change reality ultimately occurs when we awaken to our God-self.  That only comes from surrendering to it.  what do we surrender?  Our impetuous, obnoxious, monkey-mind-ego.  Each of us has it, so at least you're  not alone.  

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